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Gallery of Custom Orders

We LOVE creating custom pieces for our customers! Whether you provide the stone or object to be wrapped or you have us provide it for you we love a challenge and will be sure to put all of our knowledge and passion to work to bring your vision to life.

Custom Ring

This piece was by request of our customer as the taxidermy eye is the exact color of her cat's. She sent us an inspiration image and told us to make it our own. This was the result.


Ruby Owl

This is a genuine ruby set to look like an owl.  Our owner/creator made this for their mother for Christmas as Ruby is her birthstone and owls are one of her favorite birds. 



This genuine 30 carat emerald was provided to us by our customer, she mined it herself in North Carolina.


Bracelet Redo

This piece started as a leather bracelet that was falling apart. The customer was only concerned about saving the charm and liked this style of bracelet.

Bracelet redo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Turquoise Owl

Our customer provided the owl shaped stone for this piece, her son had selected at an event he went to and wanted to be able to wear it as a necklace. This was the result.

Turq Owl_edited.jpg

17th Century Silver Coin

This 17th century silver coin is probably the oldest thing we have ever been given by a customer to wrap.  It was part of the Spanish ship that sank on it's way to purchase the tract of land the US purchased as the Louisiana Purchase. 

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