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Care and Storage of your Sterling Silver Jewelry


There are several different options for cleaning your new silver jewelry depending on the finish of your particular piece, I have highlighted 2 options below.

  • Oxidized/tarnished: In the case of a piece that has been purposely tarnished or oxidized, your piece will look darker in color than the silver you're used to seeing at the store, or if your piece is just looking a little dull from wear you'll do the following. Grab a children's soft toothbrush and window cleaner and gently scrub the piece with the brush and this should bring back the shine to the metal and any stones that may be included in your piece. FYI, this trick can be used on any of your jewelry when it needs to be cleaned as jewelry cleaner is just window cleaner repackaged.

  • Bright finish/non-oxidized: For pieces that have not been oxidized/tarnished on purpose you can use the same children's toothbrush and plain white toothpaste (please DO NOT use anything whitening as it is too abrasive and will dull your silver). This method is best used if your piece has visible tarnish or discoloration.

When storing your piece, the best option is to store it in plastic and keep it away from sunlight to keep it from tarnishing as quickly.  Mind you, it will still tarnish, just at a much slower rate. 

General Care:
Please keep your silver jewelry away from where you use your hair products as hair spray will instantly turn your silver black and the only way to get rid of it is to use the toothpaste method mentioned above and a LOT of elbow grease.

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